Friday, December 18, 2009

Chinese Drywall Linked to both Global Warming and Infertility

Chinese Drywall Linked to both Global Warming and Infertility

By Bill Britton

Chinese drywall manufactured by Knauf Plasterboard in China and exported to the U.S. from 2001 to 2007 has been linked to both global warming and infertility. Earlier complaints included headaches and the corrosion of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes in homes.

As a practical joke, Knauf, from its headquarters in Germany, posted this statement on its website: “Constant improvement is a permanent objective of our company. The basic prerequisite for this is a strong quality management system.” Managing partner Nikolaus Knauf said that he “felt a lighter note was needed to ease homeowner stress.”

Regarding the global warming issue, Knauf believes this will help reduce overhead: “Now that the Arctic region has become ice-free in the warmer months, we’ll be able to reduce shipping mileage to the U.S. by as much as 10,000 nautical miles.”

In a more recent finding, Saprolegnia ferax, a pathogen, has been found in Chinese drywall. This pathogen leads to the “Ambrose Effect” and has been linked to infertility in amphibians. It was first identified by Otto Ambrose, a known Nazi chemist and director of the I.G. Farben Company, which supplied gasoline for Hitler's war effort.

Farben began producing S. ferax in large quantities with plans to release it during bombing attacks over regions harboring large Jewish populations—like New York’s Crown Heights—toward the end of World War II. Those plans were derailed once Hitler found out that his Minister of War Production, Albert Speer, had been producing imaginary Luftwaffe bombers for 18 months.

Suspicions are high that the Chinese government has similar plans for population control, ever since Chinese President Hu Jintao said to President Obama during his recent visit, “We Chinee have rearn many resson, rike how to eriminate poverty, but we can’t seem to rower Chinee ribido.”

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