Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Selfie Age Rolls On

By Bill Britton

The Self-Love of the Selfie Addict

I apologize to the world of inflated self-esteem, but I have no intention of buying a selfie-stick. It’s not that I’m not the most important person in the world--I am. But to bolster my newly found self-veneration, I decided to take lessons from Donald Trump who recently revised the words to the Chorale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, to wit:

Me, o wondrous spark divine,
Offspring of Perfection,
Drunk with power, I am become
Heavenly me, a godly shrine.
My magic powers sow discord;
My pomposity purposely divides:
Conflict separates man from love,
And off-the-cuff expletives fool the hoard.

I hope I’ve not offended anyone by poking fun at both Trump and selfie-sticks in the same breath. Just don’t poke my eye out with the damn thing--the stick, that is.